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Nov. 29th, 2005 @ 11:07 pm so much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to say.
Current Mood: draineddrained
hum...lots of things going on. life is crazy busy right now.

i feel like i havent been getting enough talking done. haha.
for real.
and that causes problems.
i just need like 20 minutes a day to just talk to someone.
hum. maybe i need to hire someone to be right there when i need them to be.

so no updates have happened in a long time.
i know tht Boris bday party happened...that was a good time for sure.
im def. going to miss those guys.
thanks keri for bringin them into my life.
keri you are good at finidng cool people.
because i love shannon and anna too. they are too cute.
and such sweet silly gals.

speaking of...the thanksgiving holiday was shared with none other than the libby family!
haha. it had been a long time comin- me hanging out in north florida libby style. :)
i really did have a good time.
we managed a lot of eating. sleeping. driving. and silly picts too.
cute family. i like kelley. and her friends saying dickinthebutt...but it realyl didnt sound like that at all. haha.
o dear. i hope i have not painted the wrong picture of such great people. they really are cool. i promise.
ha. i wasnt around her friends for more than...umm 20 minutes...but its kelley. and kelley is keris sister. gotta be cool.

st. augustine is really cute. now i know why ash wanted to transfer a while back...maybe i should have gone.
heehee. i think i should pry go back sometime and explore all those neat shops close to the beach.

ummmm lets see. i dont even know.
oh- i got my plane tickets in the mail yesterday. visa or not...ive got the tickets...i will be going to finland. haha.
im excited. but i feel like i have a million and half things to do before that day gets here. yikes.
its a lot easier to play the game of pretending all those things dont have to get done. then i dont have to get nervous.

oh man. this week is a killer. next week is as well. i will have to be all moved out. funny thing..im not real sure where everyhting is going. another funny thing...everyone will leave for christmas...and i will be here for a week...i am supposed to be working...and i dont have transportation...uh oh.

im starting to crash and burn. the 3.5 hours of sleep i got last nite have finally expired and its time to make my way home to my bed.
i did get to have a nice little dinner with carla today. and talk to derek for a while. and sarah too. i feel good about these things. yet also have so much to think about that surfaced from these conversations.

ohhhh one more thing. dixies baby is coming...soon. rozie will be her name. not my favorite pick..but its all good. she will be cute all the same :) and my name will be aunt andie no matter what. and that my friends, is the best! i went to walmart with jess today and bought some great crafty thigns for the baby room. im soooooo excited to get them all together and painted!! yay :)
oh..as we left walmart...a little old woman wanted help getting a tv to her car. i told jess to help her. and she was just all confused. and couldnt find her car. at all. it was really sad. and when we drove away she was with a walmart employee and still looked lost...and had no idea where her car was. it broke my heart. i dont want to get old. dignity. ouch. i think i have a pride problem now...shooooot.
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Date:November 30th, 2005 04:20 pm (UTC)
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i love you! you can talk to me if you need to anytime! and you don't even have to pay me!

taco bell at midnight is always the best, by the way.

and p.s., i think i will be here for another week after classes end also, and i'm real sure where i'm even staying yet, but i'm planning on working, so we need to talk and maybe work something out...

love you, hope you're having a wonderful day!
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Date:December 1st, 2005 01:34 am (UTC)
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aww AUNT andrea! I am glad you had a great break! I had another Nebraskan have Thanksgiving with me. We should get together and have a 20 min conversation. Especially before you leave me! Mwah! Good Luck with exams!