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Dec. 26th, 2005 @ 11:43 pm (no subject)
back in the good ol south.

i wasnt really ready to come back.

mom and dad took me the airport...for the first time.
they were pretty sad actually.
its funny how much closer we are becoming...yet hardly see eachother at all.

colorado was beautiful while i was there.
cant wait to go back in august to see the parents up in estes park...
i really hope maybe someone will go with me. fun times.

my nieces and nephew are the greatest ever! i really just had to thank God so much for all i am blessed with. i know to the world i find myself surrounded in i dont even start to measure up...but im overflowing in other ways. and it sounds silly. but it is so true. and sometimes i forget it...well i forget it a lot. but through all the crap...and just plain shitty things...there is so much more...that gets a backseat...when really...its my foundation i cant live without.

i also realized how much i am going to miss some of my friends this next semester. yikes. it has been intersting to watch relationships change. some good some bad. win some. lose some.

i have spent the evening with kelly rusk. sarah came over and hung out too. it was great. super good conversation. and tons of laughing. how wonderful. i look forward to this week at conference...i hope for more good talk...however...none of my roomies are coming...all 3 cant come now. no good :( oh well. anyway. tomorrow we will make the drive to good ol chattanooga. im ready for the talks...

not sure what new years will bring yet. and even more important not sure what i will do between new years and the 5th. hum...im kinda free sailing. but without transportation. it will be interesting to see what happens. and then...finland. its all happening really fast. i hope im ready for it.

oh i finished blue like jazz by donald miller. read it. its good. i laughed a lot. he is a great writer. i liked searching for god knows what better...just because of where i am at the moment...but they are both really great. its like your just sitting back drinkin coffee with the guy listening to him talk. good stuff.
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